• %75 es el porcentaje de inserción laboral efectiva de los egresados de los Centros Pescar.
  • Más del 60 % de los graduados de un Centro Pescar continúa estudios superiores.
  • Nuestros egresados tienen un 45% más de probabilidades de conseguir un trabajo de calidad.

Among the actions being conducted by the Foundation, the program that stands out is “Pescar Centers – Educating for employment”. It consists of educational centers implementation that provide personal and professional training to young people with limited resources and opportunities, in order to prepare them for effective job placement and a better performance in the workplace.

The program seeks to promote the integral development of young people, by encour aging them to adopt new habits, attitudes of coexistence and citizenship in order to regain a sense of “work culture” and promote their full social and labor inclusion.

The Centers operate within Corporations, throughout a social franchise model and they constitute the Pescar Network.

Centers in Execution